Practical information/ Supplementary insurance


Mary carries out the anamnesis with you and discusses the reasons for your visit. Together you will establish the goals you want to achieve. These first minutes are essential, so that you can clearly express which direction you want to give your therapy.

Following this interview, Marie performs the first muscle tests to obtain the information from your body and thus, in order to guide the session. If your concerns are related to your health, or about your relationship or your professional difficulty, whatever the topic the session is about, the methods used in kinesiology will give you immediate answers.


It must be booked 45 minutes, meeting and billing at the end of the session included. A 45 minute session is charged chf. 130.-, payable at the end of the meeting, in cash. At the end of the session, you will receive an invoice to present to your supplementary insurance for refund.

Any canceled session not excused 48 hours in advance will be charged at the same rate.

Reimbursement by supplementary health insurance

Marie Michael, a qualified kinesiologist, is reimbursed by supplementary health insurance, collaborating with RME (Register of Empirical Medicine) & ASCA (Swiss Foundation for Complementary Medicine), of which she is accredited under Kinesiology.


Besides the tools that describe your psychic state, whether conscious or unconscious, Mary is specialized in acupressure, one of the corrections of kinesiology. Acupressure will allow your body to instantly release tensions and stress recorded in your body, possibly allowing quality sleep, less physical pain, etc. By relieving the body of its tensions, potential injuries or illnesses can be avoided then.

The psychological aspect plays an important role in the session, you will be able to express your fears and worries safely. Mary will make you the synthesis of the dialogues shared and the information revealed by your body. The goal is to bring to your consciousness a better understanding of your state, seen from different angles and perspectives.


Each patient must first inquire with his insurer if the therapy and therapist chosen are reimbursed by his supplementary insurance according to his contract.

In case you follow a medical treatment that does not suit you, Mary is not entitled to change it, it is advisable to talk about it with your doctor.