For whom, what for ?

Everyone can enjoy the benefits of energy therapy integrated with kinesiology, regardless of your age, goal and physical condition.

Noted that the cases described below, are cases received and treated in chambers by Marie Michael.

  • Maternity: pre and post natal

For women who find it difficult to “get pregnant”. For those who are expecting a child and whose symptoms are painful both physically and emotionally. Because we know that hormones can be boiling during pregnancy, but also that pregnancy is potentially accompanied by anxieties, a return to one’s own childhood and possible unresolved trauma. The memory of the body is reflected in key periods of life, pregnancy is often one of them.

For those who have experienced miscarriages and extra-uterine pregnancies. Kinesiology intervenes to help the woman and her body to overcome grief and pain but also to identify the causes in order to prepare for the next pregnancy.

The tools offered by kinesiology, as well as the acupressure that Mary practices precisely and in collaboration with the body itself, are a valuable help in restoring emotional and physical balance to the mother. Since the mother’s condition directly influences the child, it is very important that the mother is in a healthy and favourable mental state, for the well-being of the baby and its evolution.

  • Paternity

Men may also need to enjoy the benefits of kinesiology, before and after the birth of their partner. Kinesiology helps both mother and child but also fathers who have a crucial role. To find their place and their role with the child and the mother. Kinesiology will help to calm down possible anxieties with the new responsibilities and concerns about the future of the couple with a woman who has become a mother. Kinesiology supports the research and maintenance of a family balance individually but also in family therapy by helping parents to find a new rhythm of cruising.

  • For infants suffering from insomnia or various childhood diseases

Either by transfer (the infant is carried by the mother and the muscle test is performed on the mother, by transfer), or directly by acupressure, kinesiology makes it possible to identify the causes of insomnia and restore inner calm in the infant. In cases of childhood illness, symptoms will be reduced in intensity and over time. As babies are real sponges, in general, the balance is quickly restored.

  • For children and teenager who experience difficulties and adaptation to their environment, to help them better channel their energy and find their way

Adolescence is a more or less complicated period for pre-teens and teenagers but also for young adults. Some people can feel out of sync with the world around them and can quickly slip into depression or submit to destructive influences.   Kinesiology helps, with reading texts that describe the patient’s inner state but also his qualities and strengths, to know her/himself better and to strengthen her/his self-esteem and self-confidence. Kinesiology is an ideal method to get to know one another better and to find one’s place in the world, especially when we are going through an identity crisis.

Therefore, the child or young adult will be better able to understand and manage her/his anxieties and hormones which can, at this age, disturb her/ him frequently. The tools used in kinesiology, helps the child or adolescent to discover the multitudes of potentials within themselves. Starting this work at a young age allows the still flexible brain to get used to soliciting the forces they will need throughout their lives.

  • For women and men of all ages who struggle to find an emotional, family and/or professional balance

No one is immune to grief, emotional or professional separation, or burn out. Kinesiology has the tools to make the links between the current event and past events so you can take a step back from what is happening. There is no age to live a heartache, or to change one’s career orientation or to suffer from some form of loneliness, for example. Kinesiology will help you to better understand the emotional causes of your condition while allowing you to evacuate the overload and overflow of pain and confusion.

In a second step, the tools used in kinesiology will give the opportunity to filter your emotions, in order to overcome your obstacles or strengthen your forces in order to achieve your goals. Acupressure will act here to allow you to regain the vitality you need to chase away dark ideas and find the strength to bounce back.

  • For a couple’s therapy

Love stories, regardless of your age or the longevity of your relationship, are often disturbing and can be painful. Kinesiology can help you channel your fears better, build confidence in yourself and your ability to love and love harmoniously. It helps to regain self-confidence, before, during a relationship or after a heartbreak.

In case you have children or live in a blended family, whatever the situation you are experiencing, being able to respect and understand one’s own limitations and those of others can sometimes be a challenge. A couple’s kinesiology session will allow you, in neutral land, to understand what is played unconsciously for one and the other as well as the mirror effects that are reflected . The motivations and behaviours of each other are often complex, Mary’s capacity for synthesis and the tools at her disposal, will help you to harmonize the communication that is so important within your couple. She will give you personalized advice adapted to the rhythm of each one.

The acupressure in which Mary is specialized, will allow you to relax your nerves and release your mental and physical tensions, in order to be better prepared to make decisions for your better being.

  • For parent-child relationships

A child has his own personality but also carries the memory of family patterns within him. Unconsciously and sometimes with pain, the child will confront the parents with their unsolved “patterns”, their fears or their repressed desires. Kinesiology will allow the child to better situate himself regarding previous generations and thus better understand the “inherited” part within him. Family therapy allows everyone to express their point of view and hear the other. Parents and the child will have the opportunity to access information from their subconscious and thus better understand each other’s fears.

Kinesiology helps to bring out the deep nature of a human being, apart from external conditioning and other’s expectations. It allows the child to know himself better and thus dissociate “his own truth” from the one he believes he must adopt. In cases of parent-child conflict, kinesiology tools will improve intergenerational communication and understanding.

  • To prevent and support the healing of physical injuries and various illnesses

As described above, kinesiology seeks the source of psychic and physical imbalances, at the root. The muscle test makes allows Mary to go back as far as necessary in time, in the memory of the patient’s cells. This being established, the information transmits to the patient, she/he can check, either in his own memories, in those of his entourage or through her/his own observations. If the patient suffers from phobias, or mental or physical illness, kinesiology allows to interrogate the body in order to understand what the body means through its issue, to the patient .

Then, with the various kinesiology’s tools, it will be possible to reduce the symptoms, to identify what can improve the condition of the patient or what, on the contrary, identify what make his condition get worst. Acupressure will stimulate the immune system, increase vital energy and help the body to improve its self-healing ability.

  • For amateur and professional athletes, to optimize performance and reduce the risk of injury

Amateur or professional athletes are obviously more at risk of injury. Most focus on their diet or heating techniques to prevent injuries. The energetic and emotional aspect is all too often underestimated or neglected. However, these two aspects play crucial roles. Kinesiology will not only identify the sources of energy and emotional imbalance that the body will communicate through health problems and accidents, but will also strengthen all the systems of the body, in order to avoid these potential injuries. Kinesiology intervenes, in the case of athletes, to improve their performance, both in terms of body, morale and self-confidence. Marie will let you know what part of your body needs more attention.

  • For people who have high intellectual and/or high emotional potential and want to adapt it to their daily life

It happens that we feel isolated or misunderstood by our feelings or our vision of things. In recent years, it has been added to the notion of high intellectual potential, the notion of high emotional potential, in other words the hypersensitive. It is sometimes difficult to comply with the society’s codes when everything you perceive and feel is tenfold. Especially when at a young age the identity is not yet fully asserted and one seeks its place in a group and in society.

Understanding one’s own functioning, not judging oneself as necessarily suffering from a pathology, learning to better communicate one’s thoughts and emotions, here is what kinesiology can do. In a precise way, always in accordance with your body, which knows you better than anyone, at your own pace, Mary will help you to live better and get the best of your potential.

  • For victims and perpetrators of violence/physical and psychological abuse

The perpetrators of violence have sometimes been victims themselves. For many reasons, victims often find it difficult to protect themselves and/or to turn the tide after an assault. For those who wish to understand the root of their anger and suffering, in order to find inner peace and peace with their surroundings, kinesiology has multiple tools to achieve this, without judgment. Among other things, to the age regression practiced by the muscle test, it is possible to go back to the moment when the unconscious recorded the option of violence against her/him and/or others. Kinesiology can help you find the courage to turn your difficulties into motivation towards general well-being.

  • Abandonment’s trauma

Abandonment has different faces, there is physical, moral, emotional abandonment. Whatever you have suffered from, it can potentially affect your personality, choices, your relationships and create greater or lesser anxiety. Philosophy in kinesiology is to believe that nothing is frozen, that everything can be transformed and improved. With access to information from your body, it is possible to help you become aware of how your sense of abandonment prevents you from living harmoniously. It also reduces the emotional stress associated with the event and the experience or trauma.

  • To optimize your intellectual, creative and physical skills

Sometimes we may feel limited in our physical or intellectual movements, for different reasons and at particular times in our lives. Kinesiology makes it possible to identify the brakes and blockages that prevent “energy” from moving freely. The repetition of reactions recorded in our brains is not always what we wish. Emotional stress creates knots in the body and vice versa. At the same time, acupressure relieves the tensions of the body as well as the psychic tensions. While manipulating your body, Mary is giving you clues as to the reasons for the imbalances, in order to awaken your vigilance in the future. Kinesiology relieves symptoms and prevents future difficulties by allowing you to better understand your strengths and weaknesses.

  • Autism

Kinesiology as well as acupressure will make it possible to gather information on the state of health as well as on the needs of a person suffering from autism, to a degree where it is difficult for her/him to express her/himself. It will make it possible to report to the parent(s) an emotional state, a preference, a talent, a desire, an annoyance, a worry or any other information that can help and improve life and decisions needed to be taken in favor of autistic. It plays the role of a spokesperson but also in the same way as for a non-autist, it improves a general state of health.

  • Passing a license

Passing a driver’s licence is a step towards independence that young adults enjoy, but which can also scare them. Kinesiology helps to get through this stage on the emotional level and therefore increase the chances of passing the license. The tools available to kinesiology and Marie’s advice and talent, will allow you to better channel your stress and strengthen your ability to concentrate and remember.

  • Physical and psychological trauma, recent and old

Kinesiology collects information directly from the body and it is through the body that it can act to transform blockages, pain, fear, trauma, with the collaboration of the patient. Whatever the time between the event and the first session, the influence of the unconscious is powerful. Through the muscle test, the body reports on the patient’s internal condition.   It offers him ways to transform what prevents him from finding a balance with himself and his story. It allows the patient to view his relationship with himself more gently. Always respecting his rhythm, the body knows how fast to move and through which door to enter.

Kinesiology plays the role of interpreter, it supports the motivation of the patient, by helping him to better understand himself. Through mental or physical exercises, it will reduce the stress of the patient and highlight his strengths.

  • Pre and post-operative

We know that a patient’s mental state plays an essential role in the success of an operation and the recovery of the patient.

In pre-operative, kinesiology can prepare the body and the mind to go through the operation under the best conditions by identifying possible fears and stress that can weaken the immunity and attract complications. Acupuncture will directly affect the body and improve the circulation of vital energy in order to give the maximum opportunity to the systems of the body to defend themselves against the aggression of the operation.

After surgery, acupressure will harmonize and calm the body down, then detect any secondary injuries and pain on the scars that can last for years. Kinesiology will make it possible to remove stress through speech or various exercises and ensure that the body continues its own healing without obstacles.

  • Animals

Acupressure is the main tool used with animals as it can be practical on any living being. It makes it possible to diagnose the state of health and the moral state of the animal. Mary will transmit to the master the information that the animal cannot express. Acupressure will relieve the pain of the animal and also reduce the risk of injury or illness.


Reminder : 


Kinesiology is the study of the movements of the human and animal body. The relationship between the quality of movement and overall human health is studied by applying the sciences of biomechanics, anatomy, physiology, psychology and neuroscience. Overall, the method consists of different tests and exercises of muscle and brain corrections. The goal is to improve the quality of life and health of the patient by analyzing the causes of the pain and relieving the symptoms.


Acupressur /Shiatsu is one of the many corrections offered by kinesiology. It is in this correction that Mary expresses her talent in particular. Due to an innate ability, she identifies precisely and without error, your energy nodes in order to release them. The pressure exerted on the multiple meridian points, present on the entire surface of the body, encourages energy to circulate. The method stimulates the electrical activity of the body and helps the proper functioning of organs and other systems; lymphatic, nervous, digestive, cardiac, etc.