Why taking contact ?

The experience of listening to your body increases your chances of enjoying good health. Whatever your origins, your beliefs, your “social status”, health is the most precious thing we have.  

Kinesiology and acupressure are great ways to get to know one another better, to learn to listen to one’s soul through one’s body, to take full advantage of the treasures buried within ourselves and the privilege we have to live. These two methods offer you a time when you are at the center of the world, when the slightest of your emotions is important and when you will always be received with respect and benevolence. It will drives you to a better understanding of your condition, through the information that emanates from your body and will give you precise and personalized advice, for a better lifestyle. 

You may come with your child, a playing corner is available in the office.


  • No prescription or interruption of treatment applies in kinesiology.
  • Professional secrecy shall apply.
  • A point of honor is placed on the respect of the patient’s history (no judgment).
  • The patient is received in session, regardless of origin, religion or belief.
  • The patient will be referred to another professional (doctors, psychologist, etc.) as soon as his needs exceed Mary’s skills. 
  • Mary encourages you to seek confirmation of the information discussed in sessions, by your own observations and knowledge or from specialists. 

The price and duration of the session are posted on the site under “infos”.

Marie works as well with people as with animals; dogs, cats, horse, etc.

RME & ASCA accredited.

1203 Genève

Professional telephone : 0041 (0) 76 695 68 38. Please leave a message with your name if you wish to be contacted.