High Soul Reflections

Our body carries with it the memories of our past experiences. This reality has been scientifically proven, due to experiments conducted by researchers from universities around the world, including in Geneva, Switzerland; our DNA contains biological traces of events experienced by ourselves and by previous generations. It is in the heart of this memory, hidden in every single cells of our body and our subconscious, that we find the traces of our traumas, fears, blockages and beliefs lived or inherited, which influence our reflexes and our choices. Our health problems, our relationship difficulties, our misunderstandings, doubts, stress, are caused by various factors that can be identified and transformed into a better general state.

Kinesiology contains different methods and techniques, among others ; Marie specializes in acupuncture. Using her various talents and knowledge, Marie has a natural ability to scan your body and establish an emotional and energetic diagnosis. Then, she will release the tensions and pains registered all over your body.

Through her techniques and her very particular and rare sensitivity, Marie Michael gently brings this precious information to your consciousness. While rebalancing and stimulating your vital energy trough acupressure and other kinesiology technics, Marie gently guides you in your personal development and your desire to improve your health and consequently your quality of life. She coaches you to stimulate your self-healing abilities so the electric activity within your body and trains you to channel your energy. Whatever your age is (from the pregnant woman to the new bort to adults of all ages) and your difficulty or illness.

Based on the same principles as the millennial medicines, you will find here, care that considers all the aspects that constitute your being. The close links between the mind, body and soul are no longer to be proved, we can learn to hear them and maintain them in a harmonious unity. Marie will use different tools for you to gain a better understanding of yourself in order to transform your difficulties into joy.

In repair and prevention, the goal of the process is to give you better understanding of the causes of your wounds and make the best use of your potential, to improve your relationship with yourself and others, to restore or maintain good health, and so, to enjoy a good physical, psychic and social balance.