Acupressure is pressure exerted by thumbs or hands (sometimes elbows or knees) on the entire body. The effects are similar to osteopathy, physiotherapy, reflexology, however, acupressure is more complete. It aims to reactivate the vital energy necessary for the proper functioning of all systems and the body as a whole. It releases emotional stresses as well as physical stresses at the same time. From the tip of the ear to the tip of the foot, every inch of skin can be treated.


The special sensitivity and knowledge of Marie enrich the acupressure session, with an emotional description of each acupressure point treated. She translates the information of the body, while relieving you of your pain and stress in order to help you consciously and unconsciously release the emotional or psychic node(s). You’ll be surprised how much your body is talking to you. A pain on the temples or neck, or even on the knee can be linked to an old rupture, trauma, fear or belief. Acupressure is one of the multiple techniques used in kinesiology however, Marie has practiced it since childhood as a natural part of her abilities.


(text written by the Holistic Institute of Health in Rennens)

Kinesiology was developed in the 1970s in the United States.
Due to John Thie, creator of the Touch for Health ® system, the therapy quickly became known around the world. Literally “Touch for Health”®, this method is based on the following concept; the muscle test. A good muscle tone translates a free and harmonious circulation of energies. Conversely, as soon as “something” disturbs us, either structurally, biochemically or emotionally, the muscle tone weakens.

The principle of the good circulation of vital energy, dear to the Eastern wisdom, is certainly not new.
What kinesiology has brought is revolutionary, on the other hand, are protocols whose famous muscle test precisely, essential to interrogate the body and highlight imbalances, as well as a range of means likely to correct, or at least improve the situation.


Among other issues, it regulates the insomnia of infants, the anxieties of adolescents and adults, heals the injuries of athletes, helps healing after operations, etc. This is why acupressure intervenes in all difficulties without limits and regardless of your age or condition.

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“To everyone”, And this for a good reason, it allows to act on problems as varied as back, head or belly pain, sleep disorders, stress, depression, difficulties at school, physical symptoms, ill-being, Help eliminate stress, pain, fears, insomnia allergies and health without medication etc.

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