Kinesiology is the study of the movements of the human and animal body. The relationship between movement quality and overall human health is studied by applying the sciences of biomechanics, anatomy, physiology, psychology and neuroscience. The method consists of muscle and brain correction tests and exercises, the aim of which is to improve the quality of life and health of patients.


It is a practice based on traditional Chinese techniques and more ancient, inspired by Pharaonic medicine, which takes into account the human in all its dimensions; physical, psychic, emotional, mental and energetic, the objective being to harmonize all these aspects and where the state of health of the soul/spirit is inextricably linked from that of the body.


Kinesiology was developed and simplified in the 1970s, in the United States and recognized today in many countries. Thanks to the muscle test, information blocked and hidden in the subconscious is brought back to the conscious. Those hidden informations that influences us powerfully, when revealed helps us to better understand the causes of the stresses buried in us and that influence all aspects of our lives.The exercises of kinesiology make it possible to release these stresses which the patient has become aware of and chooses consciously and freely to transform, with the support and experience of Mary.


Through the muscle test, Mary questions the memory of the body in order to identify muscular, emotional blockages and energy imbalances. The information from the muscle test as well as the tools available to the Mary (physical exercise, internal state description, reading, acupressure, etc.), will define the method or methods necessary for the patient’s rebalancing. The tools used in kinesiology are varied and established according to the functioning of the body and brain. Kinesiology is used for prevention, treatment and performance. It can be practised on both human and animal health, for all problems, at any age.


“The dynamic alternation of Yin and Yang generates the vital energy of nature, Qi. Qi is the origin of all living things and also generates the vital energy of the human body. In the body, the vital energy circulates in energy channels, called meridians, and fulfils different functions: Qi protects the body against diseases, stimulates growth and development, activates the function of internal organs, generates and diffuses blood and moods, regulates body temperature and manages water balance and digestion. (…) “

“When the Yin and Yang elements of the body are in a dynamic balance, Qi can move freely through the body – the person is healthy.” 


Better self-knowledge

Pay more attention to the body

Relieves physical and mental tensions

Strengthens the immune system

Treatment of trauma, fears, phobias

Couples therapy

Family therapy

For whom, what for ?

Treatment subjects